Chakra Flow Workshop

Samstag, 15. Juli, 10:00-12:00 Uhr


Chakra Flow is a vibrant and powerful practice that awakens and balances our central energy channels. We have seven main wheels of energy in our body, called Chakras, which run along the spinal column. Each Chakra is related to different elements, parts of the body, and mental and emotional characteristics. By breathing and moving with awareness through these seven Chakra centers, we connect with our inner potential for grounding, creativity, fluidity, empowerment, love, wisdom, and wholeness.

In this workshop you will learn how to move with deeper awareness of the relationship between your physical body, subtle energy, and mental thoughts and emotions. We will incorporate yoga postures, pranayama, mudras, affirmations, visualization, and meditation for a truly integrated yoga practice. This workshop is beneficial for all levels, whether you are interested in learning about Chakras for the first time or you are an experienced yogi who wants to deepen your practice.

Julia Zhao is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor of Vinyasa, Hatha, and
Yin Yoga. Her practices focus on the simplicity of breath awareness,
mindful movement, and reconnecting with ourselves as whole,
multi-dimensional beings. Her teachings are inspired by studies of the
Chakra system, Yoga Nidra, Vipassana meditation, and spiritual travels
throughout India. For more information, visit

Early Bird, bis 1. Juli  €25 / pro Person
Standart, ab 2. Juli  €30 / pro Person

This workshop will be in English.
Registration is required.// Nur mit Anmeldung
Minimum 5 participants.// Mindestens ab 5 Teilnehmer

Yoga Raum, call 01727041371,
or//oder email :


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